Monday, June 1, 2009

Tricks and Tips!

It is MONDAY!! That meansis here!

Did you know sweet Kasey just hosted a great giveaway from Heidi's Friday Freebie...and guess what...I WON!!! If you want to check out the fun pampering stuff I won or join FMM go here.

Today's task is to share as few or as many everyday, little tips that you use to make your lives easier. You know- all those special tricks you might have to cook, clean, raise kids, work in the yard, and on and on!

My Tips:

* Blogging: Anyone find yourself spending too much time being in blogland? Anyone addicted to blogging? I was at first. I was spending way too much time on the computer. Not enough time and attention to being in the Word, my family, and my home.

I tried a timer...I just restarted it...So, I began to pray about it. This is what I came up with. I do not get on the computer until my morning routine is completed. That is it. I have a list I do every morning. I cannot get on until that is completed. I then try to limit my time to no more than 1 hour per day.

*Making my bed: I do it as soon as I get up. I have not always done this...let me tell you it makes a huge difference on how your room looks and feels. If you don't do this...start tomorrow. It only takes minutes...for a huge payoff.

*Grease stains: Do you ever take a shirt out of the dryer to find a grease spot on it. (Not car mechanic type grease spots.) Don't throw it out...Dawn takes the grease away...yes even in clothes! I could not do without my Shout and Dawn. I try to catch all stains before going into the wash. Just squirt a small amount of Dawn on the grease stain and rub. Throw it in the works every time!

*Gift closet: I have a closet in my office that is a gift center. It holds, bows, ribbon, wrapping paper, bags, and gifts! I buy sale items throughout the year of things I know I can use as gifts. It has really helped me when things are tight, and we have to birthday parties to go to. Or last minute gifts... I just shop from my closet! I will be adding some organizing feature to the inside of the door soon and baskets.

*Yard sale items: I keep a big bin in the bottom of the linen closet. Anytime I come across clothes/shoes that don't fit, or a toy the boys are ready to let go...I stick into the bin. When the bin gets full I transfer it to the shed where I put it into a big barrel. When the barrel gets full...I'm ready for a yard sale! It's full!

*Water: I'm so excited! I will be sharing how I can drink 1/2 my body weight in water every day. (Post coming soon)

*Laundry Soap: Make your own...saves tons! (Post coming soon)

*Ivory soap: If you have a garden and don't want animals eating everything in it... shred some soap and sprinkle it around your garden. Or you can drill a hole in the soap and hang in a fence on all sides.

*Green Smoothies: Trying to get my family to eat more greens. My DH and I drink the smoothies. However, the boys love my green smoothie popsicles. No you cannot taste the spinach!

*Kids over scheduled: Michael and I realized soon after we had kids that running around everywhere all the time was not what the Lord wanted for us. We allow our boys 1 activity at a time. For instance Cameron had to make a choice of either soccer, gymnastics, or baseball...since they run at the same time. Cameron decided for now to play baseball...spring/summer and basketball...fall. He also takes swimming lessons, but only after baseball season is over. We go enough with baseball as it is. I can't imagine being in baseball and soccer like some people we know. Quality family time at home is a priority! (We have to keep this in check as some times are more hectic.)

*Dinner: We choose to eat dinner as a family at the table. So many families do not do this simple, but important thing for their family. Make time to have a least one meal, if not two with the whole family! Your family will grow closer for it!

*Clothes Organizer: I have a clothes organizer in Cameron's closet. We pick out the clothes for the week on weekends, and stick them in. Then we are not looking for a pair of socks at the last minute on a school day. He gets up and gets dressed on his own.

At the beginning of school I had clothespins on every day for activities. You can see one is left. Tuesday...P.E. that way I would remember to put tennis shoes instead of sandals that day!

*Laundry- In an attempt to cut down on the amount of laundry I do...I pondered why am I washing the boys pj's all the time. I sat them down and explained to them one pair for all week. (Actually I have to give my sister credit here) They have hooks in their closets to hang them up each morning. It's not like they get dirty while they are sleeping. However, I was washing ~ 10 pair or more a week...CRAZY!

*Cherry/grape tomatoes: As seen on Rachel Ray...don't want your little one to choke on the tomatoes. How long does it take to cut up 15 cherry tomatoes? Take two round plastic lids. Place the tomatoes on top of one lid. Then, take the other lid and put it on top of the tomatoes. Hold the top lid with one hand a slice your way through a bunch of tomatoes in seconds. Works like a charm! Thanks Rachel!

The boys each have there own laundary bin. That way they can be responsible for putting up their own clothes. I still do it with them because I like neat drawers.

I have a picture of the boys playing in the dryer when they were younger. I plan on putting those pics on their baskets too. (hmmm...maybe 5 years of 'planning on it' has been long enough!!)

I hope you were able to find at least one tip you liked and can use! Have a terrific week!


Erica said...

really great tips i will have to stop by later when I have a little more time and write them down. thanks for sharing

Vivienne said...

These are fabulous. I'm a big fan of the gift closet already, but am bookmarking this post for the rest of your great tips.

J.J. said...

Congrats on winning!!!!

I hear you on the blogging :) I have to set a timer :)

Great tips! Too many to pick just one to comment about!

Have a great Monday!

Kim said...

Great tips thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Fabulous tips! I especially love the idea of a gift closet! I may have to try that one!

Have a wonderful day!

Chrissy said...

Great tips! I am going to start the computer one, I always spend way more time than I plan to and then don't get my household stuff done!

Have a great day!

Trudy said...

Very organized...I think you should be a professional organizer and I could be your first client!

As for the laundry one, I have that same problem with my husband. He puts things in the wash far too soon! I've gotten to the point where I have to hide bath towels from him or he would wash them after EVERY use! And he wonders why we go through the bath towels so quickly.

Looking forward to your future post on the water drinking!

I also love the timer on the computer idea...I serioualy need to trim my computer time down in a big way and get back into God's word. As wonderful and practical as these tips are, that is where we find the true life instructions!

Creekmore's said...

I am the same way about dinner at the dinner table. I have a part time job that often requires me to be away in the evening, but we make dinner a priority.

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Wow!! Rhonda, you have a TON of great tips!! I am anxious to hear all about the drinking water one. Please post that ASAP, as I am needing to slim down to fit back into pre-preggo clothes!!



Kasey said...

My favorite is the clothes organizer for the week! I am always late to everything and I think it would really help if I was more organized about getting our stuff together before it is that morning or whenever I'm trying to get ready to leave! Love it!!! and thank you for all the sweet things you said about me! I think you are too sweet also! and am so glad we have become friends!!!

Jen said...

Hi Rhonda - You and I think alike about a lot of things. I love your gift closet! I have a gift "file drawer" right now, but the wrapping stuff is all in the basement - it would be wise to keep it all together - great tip! They're all great tips!

:) Jen

Kelli said...

Your tips are amazing. I love the idea of a gift closet and I did not know that about Ivory...I have some in the cabinet so I must try that! Thanks!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Holy smokes, girl! You are full of tips and tricks aren't you!? Thanks for sharing...I do many of the same things you do, so I know we're much more alike than we even think we are. ;)

He And Me + 3 said...

I am totally gonna try the dawn trick. Because I am forever pulling grease filled clothes out of the dryer.

shortmama said...

wow you have awesome tips!!! does the dawn work on an already set in stain? as in its old been through the wash and dryer multiple times!

Chic Mama said...

Great ideas! I use dawn all the time on our grease stains- sometimes nothing else works! Thanks for all you shared!

Jenny said...

oh I'm with you on saving laundry -10 pairs of PJs a week is definitely crazy! And the gift closet! Thanks for sharing.

MiMi said...

Awesome!! You have a lot of tips! I love the gift closet, wish mine was bigger! :)

Amanda Jo said...

Green Popsicles!!! I am SOOOO making these this summer! Thanks for that great tip! I can't wait to read how you drink so much water...I am not a fan of it myself.

Carrie said...

great tips!

Kris said...

I love these tips...and I had a similar problem with blogging...I wonder if that's common lol..I have a post up if you would like to come check it out--even if it is late lol.

SweetTorts said...

Yay! You won! Way to go! And I do the same thing with the bed...usually.