Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Healthy Green Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I have a confession. I received the Honest Scrap award and wrote about Green Smoothies! When I said I lost 4 lbs. in 5 days that is a little misleading. I know...the award should be taken away! I have been so excited about the green smoothies that I had to mention them. I know having a green smoothie every morning did help me to lose the 4 lbs in 5 days, but here's the confession part: I also have been eating healthy too those 5 days...you know... no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no caffeine, no white flour/pasta, healthy fats. I wasn't trying to be misleading, but just excited. I feel so much better when I drink it! I even made Popsicles and my boys loved it.

I am by far no Green Smoothie expert nor do I claim to be. I stumbled upon it about a week ago myself. There is a wealth of information out there that talk about green smoothie if you google it. It delivers so many benefits and is easy! But so many of you asked so here it is.

That is my youngest enjoying his green smoothie popsicle and enjoying the beautiful weather today!

Why drink green smoothies? Do you get the recommended amount of fruits/veggies in your diet every day? I know I didn't. I can get a lot of it done in the morning if I choose. (Or all of it!)

The recipe you see in the glass follows:

1 cup of non-fat plain vanilla yogurt
1 cup of water
1 banana cut into pieces.
1/2 apple cut up.
1/2-1 cup of grapes
2 c. baby spinach leaves

Blend together. I blend the fruit first. I have heard both ways.
I did not care for this particular combo because it was too sweet. The next day I used a mixed berries, spinach, water, and yogurt, and 1/2 banana, ground flax seed, and Gogi berries. It was yummy! It was more of a purple color. That is the cool thing about green smoothies...you can put whatever you want. I chose spinach, but you could use kale, collards, romaine lettuce, chard, celery etc. The fruit can vary...put what you have on hand or what you like. After you blend everything together...test it. Too sweet? Add more greens. Too bitter? Add more fruit. Make it a variety. Play around with it. Have fun... ENJOY!!

Here is a great link to check out...http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/greenlove.html. Also a great video.

Be sure to turn off my music first!


Amy said...

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire! :)

LOL your so funny! You are also a horrible shameless liar! LOL, I'm totally kidding, good for you for being healthy and congrats on the weight loss!

jenjen said...

Wow - thanks Rhonda! It sounds so healthy and tasty! I need to do that. I am trying to get healthier and not eat so much crap.

You are the best! I hope you have a super day!


E said...

I am so going to give it a shot! Along with giving up the other things you mentioned as well! I eat way too much junk!!! Thanks so much!

jenjen said...

Rhonda - you need to read Twilight! Have you seen the movie yet? I liked the movie better than the book.


Amber said...

Ahh, thanks for sharing the recipe!! I may have to try those soon! Sometimes you just want something cold & "ice creamy". This would satisfy the craving, at least, and it's healthier than diet ice creams. :)

Shawn said...


I'm not much of a mixer. Ya know, my food doesn't tend to touch, I will even pick a casserole apart. I'll try it...maybe ;)

Congratulations on your lose! You Go Girl!

Tanya from Miller Racing Family said...

Wow- that sounds good! I am going to have to try it. Congrats on the weight loss. I have learned every little bit is a big success. Thanks for entering the giveaway! You will totally love the book! Have a great Tuesday!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

My girlfriend introduced these to me and I was amazed at how much I couldn't taste the spinach...although maybe that's because we put so many frozen berries in it! :)

Congrats on your loss!

aMY g said...

I'm a bit of a health fan too. I've been making smoothies with lettuce in them occasionally. I can't talk anyone into trying it though.

aMY g said...

I'm trying to figure out where that Twilight comment came from. :) I watched the movie last week and was so impressed I researched a little and am in awe of the info I found about the book. http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twilight.html
*I loved her story about how she wrote it.
*The people who didn't like the movie had read the book. Must mean it's better.
*I'm on hold at the library for this book. I'm number 42. But they have 68 copies! (Usual is 1-5 copies of a book).

Missy said...

Hi Rhonda. The green smoothie looks very healthy. It actually doesn't sound bad, even with the spinach leaves.

Thanks so much for your birthday wish. It is very sweet.

I promise, I am still going to post about the Kreativ blogger award. Promise.It just takes me awhile to get those posts together and link to everyone else.

Carrie said...

So good I have been try really had to eat better and cut out all the crap but man its hard because I love food. Good job!

Shelley a.k.a. Momma said...

We love smoothies, I have never put spinach in though! Great idea, I will have to try this one.

Karanda and kaylee said...

Wow i'm not a big fan of spinach,but the other ingredients might be good. I'll have to try it sometime.

Love, Karanda Lane