Friday, March 20, 2009

Financial Check- up

A while back I listed some Financial goals for 2009. You can see them here. One of my goals was for us to become more frugal. Here are a few frugal ideas we are currently doing.

1. I am learning about coupons and how to match them up with sales and save big! It is fun!

2. I have started hanging out clothes on a clothes line my DH just put up...(For the first time EVER.)

3. I have been unplugging most things before bed. Turn off the lights when nobody is in the room. (Our electric bill averages $148.00 month...I will see with making these few changes how it will hopefully lower our bill!)

4. A garden...growing our own organic fruits and veggies.

5. A "new" car...Honda Accord to help save on gas. You can learn about our bargain car here.

6. Cut waaaay back on eating out. Once a week is the limit. We have made it several weeks without eating out at all! Homemade pizza is our new favorite at home. Also, menu planning has helped a lot!

7. Changed out all the lightbulbs to CFL bulbs.

So, what are you doing in this economy to be more frugal? Do tell!

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