Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2008 Completed Projects

Here are some of our projects we completed for 2008. There are many more for this year that we hope to get accomplished.

My first staining project: Headboard (Master bedroom)
I found this headboard at a yard sale for $10.00! The front of it is Southwestern Style...not me! I just flipped it around. I couldn't decide if I wanted to paint it black to go with the rest of the black in my house or stain it dark. Hmmmm



What do you think? Not bad for my first stain project.

Project 2: Stain Night Stand (Master Bedroom)
Well, if I stained my headboard I might as well, no have to, stain my night stand.

Before... No picture. It was an oak color.


Project 3: CD Shelf (office)
I bought an inexpensive CD cabinet from ABC Distributing for the office. I wanted something cute to hold all the computer games, picture CD's, etc. Something that I could close up. This cabinet had two doors with four photo holders on each door. Perfect! Well, we didn't have this shelf for one month before one of the doors just broke and fell off. Could not save it.

As for the uncovered little cabinet I'm not sure what to do. I don't like it open. I've thought about fabric. Any suggestions? Notice the skunk on the top...there is a crazy story about that for another time!!

I ended up taking off the good door and turning it into a horizontal photo frame that I have above my desk...trying to be frugal and creative at the same time.

Yes, this old house has lots of paneling, thank goodness not in every room! We will be working on changing that in the near future.

Project 4: Chairs (Dining Room)
I kept seeing in decorating magazines a brown table with black chairs around it. I liked it. We have a black in our living room. I wanted to bring some black to the other end of the house to tie the two rooms together a little more. I think it looks great. Who doesn't love what a can of spray paint can do!

Before...Still digging for that picture. Will post soon.

I used a satin finish...this first picture looks a little dull. I guess because of the window behind me? So, I took another shot.

Project 5: China Cabinet (Dining Room)
I wanted to do something to make my china cabinet stand out more. So, on a whim close to Christmas and family coming to my house I decide I would spray paint the inside of the cabinet black. Well, this turned into a disaster and causing me to be sick for a week! You can read more about that here. My DH kindly finished the project with indoor latex paint.

Before... No before picture. ;o( However notice the paneling in the second was that color.



Shawn said...

Look at you go!

I love everything.

I wish I had the ambition to try something like that. I know I would get started and then it would sit in the garage until my DH threatened to throw it away. Inevitably, I would call our handy man for him to bail me out.

I'm impressed!

Kim Caldwell said...

You are amazing! I love your brave go get it attitude. If only I could convince my husband to let me do some fun projects! I will have to show him your ideas to see what he thinks! I cannot wait to see more!

Miller Racing Family said...

You did a great job on everything. I love the head board. You did an amazing job, it doesn't even look like the same bed.

Karanda and kaylee said...

I love your furniture aunt Rhonda!