Monday, December 15, 2008

What was I thinking??

I know, I's been a while. I've had several people asking where I was...why haven't I been blogging? Well let's just say I did something I shouldn't have.

Let me explain...On the whim, I just decided to spray paint the inside of my built-in
china cabinet/buffet. I was going to paint it black to match my black dining chairs I painted. I thought it would make my glassware stand out more and 'sparkle'. So, I take everything out of the cabinet and dust it off and then start spraying. I always remind Michael, "put on your mask". Well, I didn't even bother. I am spraying away, really getting up high towards the ceiling with me looking up. Unbeknown to me the over spray is coming down.....on the counter and me!

I will admit the fumes were started to get strong. Did I open a window ahead of time? Noooo. It's cold outside! I just covered my mouth/nose with my shirt and with determination to get one section done, I kept spraying.

I started feeling a little light-headed and noticed I needed to wash my gloves of course. When I looked in the mirror I was seeing a black shadow coming from my nose. Oh yeah, was spray paint!! It covered the inside of my nose and no telling how far back! My finger and tissue were up my nose for at least 10 minutes trying to get all the paint out. (Excuse the graphic nature of the picture in your head.) By this time, I start opening windows...not feeling very well. I then decided maybe the fumes would make Caden sick too, so we left to go to school a little early.

On the way to got worse. I imagined myself going to the ambulance station and them hooking me up to Oxygen. I was not feeling well at all! I called three people to pray for me. I was really tired all of a sudden. A little nausea, light headed, headache...can we say TOXIC OVERLOAD!

That night: fever, sore throat, body aches, and overall feeling of YUCK! Was this a coincidence? Is this a virus or caused from the spray painting??

What was I thinking?? Well, that is where I've been....SICK! I was really sick for three days with very minimal sleep, and six days later, much better.... but I still have my sore throat!! Thank you for the prayers! Don't ever underestimate the power of prayer! I'm glad to be back!!

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