Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sundays at Grandmas

Today after church we went to my Mom's house for our weekly Sunday visit. My DH was not feeling well and had his usual Sunday headache. What is up with that? It has been going on for at least a year...every Sunday he gets a headache. I told him I would call Mom and we could just come home after church and let him sleep. He was being very unselfish and said, "no we will go over there because the boys always look forward to it."

I had a good time visiting with my Step-Sister Laurel and her husband and son. I also had fun reminiscing with everyone and talking to my brother. I love when I get to see my brother and my nieces. I don't see them often, but love it when I do!

We were talking about an incident with my sister when she was younger being in a car that started rolling. Cameron comes in the sun room and I ask him, "what should you do if your ever in a car by yourself and it starts rolling?" I remember talking to him about it in the past so I was expecting...push on the brake! Well, he gets a hmmmm look on his face and then says, "BUCKLE UP!"

Kids say the cutest things!

Thanks Mom for having us over on Sundays and always fixing a yummy lunch. We appreciate and love you.

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Anonymous said...

We go to my husbands parents home every Sunday afternoon and it is always nice to be with them. I usually sleep the afternoon away. Sundays is the one day that I really get to rest!

Have a great week!