Monday, January 26, 2009

Friend Making Monday

I was on a friend's blog and read about Friend Making Monday. We are suppose to list 10 things about ourselves. This was an idea from Kasey at All That Is Good. Since I am fairly new to blogging and love to find great, inspiring blogs and people...why not?

10 Random Things About Me:

1) I am a perfectionist, but always have one messy room or spot! Definately not perfect!

2) My feet have grown too after pregnacy.
They have gone from a size 8 to a size 9 1/2 sometimes 10!! I loved getting new shoes!

3) I LOVE snow but I hate being COLD!

4) My favorite place besides home is THE BEACH!

5) I like bubble baths, but rarely take the time.

6) I like to cook new things, but my favorite thing to do in the kitchen is bake!

7) I would rather organize a closet, cabinet, drawer than clean my house.

8) I wanted a girl. The Lord gave me 3 boys! I'm glad God is in control! Now I have 13 nieces and adore my boys! I wouldn't trade them for anyone or anything!!!

9) I share a birthday with my sister. We are 4 years apart. Weighed exactly the same, born at the same time except one in the morning one at night.

10) I too have found I LOVE spray paint!


Anonymous said...

I would rather bake than cook and I had no clue that you and your sister shared the same birthday! Very interesting! Have a great day!

heidi said...

I love snow, too. Which is good since I live in Montana! I don't mind cold but these arctic fronts kill me. I could never live anywhere that it stays hot on a regular basis and never snows. Blech.

Nice to meet you!

Kasey said...

I love spray paint!!! It is the greatest invention ever!!! I spray paint all things. If I'm tired of something in my house...I spray paint it!

So glad you decided to join in the fun! I can't wait to get to know you better! bye!

santamaker said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my chair.
Your blog is lovely, and stories about your family are so sweet. Especially loved the one about dogs.

Shawn said...

We share so many things. I too have to have things in order, sadly I'm a control freak, but my office is always a mess but it's my organized mess.

Kim Caldwell said...

There are several commonalities between us. #3, 5, 6, and 7. It is great to meet you. I am glad you commented on my blog so I could look at yours. I hope you are warm soon and enjoying snow instead of ice. I will be praying for you!