Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

I guess Arkansas just isn't the same as it use to be. When I grew up I could look forward to SNOW! Sledding, snow ice-cream, hot chocolate, snow angels, and snowmen. My kids have not seen a great snow. Every year they anticipate and anxiously await the arrival...but to no avail.

What they have seen is ICE! We have seen, felt, tasted, heard, and smelled the effects during this week of the ice storm. The ice is absolutely beautiful! We have tasted the same food...I've missed cooking! We have heard the crackle and crash of the limbs falling from the trees, and have smelled our fireplace smoke while Cameron was poking around and woke us up to a smoke alarm going off!

We have been inside all week with no electric since Monday night. We thankfully have electric Thursday afternoon. The boys and my DH have been home. We have played all kinds of games: Uno Attack, Bingo, Math game, Dart Gun match, Foosball, and Skipbo...Lot's of family time. The boys camped out in the living room in a tent by the fireplace (Our only source of heat) and of course we had to make some smores!

Thankfully, my mother-in-law called Monday and reminded me if electric goes out we will have NO water since we have a well. I prepared both bathtubs full of water. We have to flush toilets!! I also filled up every jug possible full of drinking water and my DH brought home some bottled water as back up.

I prayed daily for those with no heat! We dressed in layers and stayed mostly in the living room. We did not let the boys go play outside because we knew when they were cold they wouldn't be able to come in and warm up good. Even though we have a fireplace, our blower could not run, so it was not as good of a heat source as normal.
The boys eating lunch and trying to keep warm.

The only time I got out was when my DH was late coming home from his Dad's house with a generator. He was 2 hours late! It was dark! I made up my mind that we would walk to the neighbors house and try to get to a phone. (The truck keys were in my car that my DH was driving...I know smart.) That is the only time we got out of the house. Caden started screaming/crying when we were on the road...afraid we were going to get ran over. I had to reassure him Mommy was watching for cars. We all were a little anxious! I did not want them close to the ditch. It was a big drop off with ice and water below! We used their phone, talked to Daddy, and came home. We were thankful that Daddy finally was home and safe!

Here are a few pics of the ice storm:

I am hoping wherever you are... you are nice and warm! Enjoy the blessings of God everyday. They are there if you open your hearts and eyes!

Down Memory Lane: Ice Storm 2000!

Wow, this is one Ice Storm I will never forget!
Michael and I had been married for a little over a year. We lived in a small, cute log cabin in Pettigrew, AR. (Our first home) I was pregnant about 4-5 months with our first baby. It was around Christmas. I remember it was scary coming home that night after celebrating with family. We get to the bottom of our big, long hill and we knew we would not make it in the mustang. My DH tells me we have to walk. What else could we do? It is dark, freezing outside, snow and ice covered the North facing hill. We began walking up the waddling. It was so slick we could not stand up straight. A little ways up I knew we could not just walk up the hill!
I crawled on my hands and knees for a while. BRRR! Michael took off his shoes and put his socks over his shoes it helped a little. Finally we got in the ditch and walked there for a while with ice, water, and snow. When we looked back there was only one foot print. It was amazing. It was a trail but only one foot print...was Jesus carrying us?

We made it to our driveway and we rounded the corner to go up on last small hill. It was then that I slipped and fell hard...flat on my face and belly...MY PREGNANT BELLY! Michael helped me up and into the house. I called the nurse and she reassured me that everything would be fine with the baby and it was. Finally home at last!

I'm thankful the Lord was with us...
He will never leave or forsake us.


Anonymous said...

I hear that Arkansas is a lot worse off then what we are. I heard that some people will be without electric until mid February. I would love to have snow but not ice.

Stay warm and have a great day!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

WOW!!! What an experience! Glad you are ok!

M ^..^

Mrs. Gurel said...

glad to know that you and yours are safe and well.