Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Family Night / Saturday Plans

Today, I wanted to get a lot done at home. I cannot believe that even though all the Christmas things are down (and have been for weeks) they are still in boxes in the dining room waiting on me to organize, fix some ornaments, and then get them back to their own little Christmas storage room. Ugh! That is my Saturday project!! No more procrastinating. Sometimes, I am a procrastinating queen.
A big after Christmas mess!

Since I knew tomorrow would be filled with Cameron's second Upward basketball game from 10:00-11:30, organizing the Christmas decor, and getting everything ready for Sunday church would take up the most of the day.... I wanted to clean the house today. I know a SHOCK to some! Me...actually in the "cleaning mood". Do you ever get in the "cleaning mood"?

I told Caden I wanted him to be mommas big helper today, and boy did he step up to the plate. I was so proud of him! He cleaned the living room mostly by himself! He was also so good today!! He was very loving, I think he missed not being around me much since I had the pink eye earlier this week. He also said, "yes ma'am" all day and told me how much he loved me all day too! It just made Mommy be on cloud nine!

I told Caden I thought we needed a Friday Family Night. He was all for it! "Yeah mom, can we have a movie night with popcorn?" He was so excited he picked out the movie and set out our popcorn maker and kernels. (In the morning.) Poor little guy had been wanting popcorn yesterday too. He even took a 2 hour nap so he could stay up past his bedtime. He never does that anymore!

We had a really great Family Night. We watched 'Ratatouille' and had our popcorn. The boys snuggled up to us on the couch. Sometimes, we forget how much the boys really enjoy us there beside them during a movie. We laugh together and have a good time. Loved it!

Do you have a family night? If so, what are some of the activities you share with your family?

Have a great weekend!

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