Friday, January 9, 2009

Kids Say The Funniest Things!

I love my funny boys! Today I had Caden on my knee bouncing him around and just playing with him because he needed some 'mommy' time. He had suggested it in the morning while I was trying to cheer him up. I was holding him after I patted his bottom for a "love pat" he took it as something else.

We were spinning slowly in the chair as I bounced him with him facing me. Then he said, "your bumps bump like a motor." I started dying laughing.... Was he referring to my size Double .... bumps...with no support on at the time? (Did I just write that?) So, after I got control of myself I asked him what bumps he was referring to..."your knee caps mom". In a tone like...don't you know mom.

Now he is informing me we are going to play a computer game together. "I'll tell you the rules and no fighting or fussing." Wonder where he has heard that before??

Kids are so funny!

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