Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mary Kay Party

Last night, I had a Mary Kay Party. I had five friends/family over which means I got $50.00 of free product!! I also got a $10 gift card! I am new to Mary Kay, but so far have been impressed with their products.

The hostess for the night was Franny. She is an adorable, sweet, outgoing lady. She is great at what she does!!

I am ready to co-host a party with another friend. I am trying to win a free purse and more free product! It was a fun night. We did skincare and makeup. It's fun to try new products and play make-up.

My guests: Mom, Tara, Davina, Tammy, and Melisha.
Thank you for coming to my party girls. Man...why did I have to promise to put NO pictures from the party on my blog?? So tempting! You girls looked fabulous!

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