Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank Goodness for Date Nights!

The gang having fun on the trampoline...

Thank Goodness for date nights! My sister and I have been trading nights for a date night for years now. Sometimes we miss... However, Cameron is now reminding me that "You and Daddy need a date night"...translation I need to go to Devin's and play the Wii. Therefore, I don't think we will be missing as often as some months. As for a Wii... prayers for a Wii has is now two years in the asking for he asked Dad to pray for one at bedtime the other night. I am glad he knows that God cares about not only our needs but our wishes and desires too. He loves us that much! That is the only video game we would consider buying because it is a lot more active than others. We can forsee some good family times.

Tonight I have my niece and nephew here. They will be staying the night. My boys just love their cousins. We are pretty fond of them too! Next week will be our turn...looking forward to going on a date with Michael!!

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