Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puppies and Dogs....OH MY!

Our family has went through dogs like we go through toilet paper. Well, not quite that fast or often. Take a look! It's not like we do not take care of the animals...we just haven't had much luck!

Zoro a sweet, adorable registered Shih tzu given to us from our friends Scott and Shonna. Scott even bought some fencing and helped us put up a fence when we lived in Sonora for this little cutie. Then we moved to our present home and brought Zoro with us. Zoro was very friendly and would go up to anyone. We believe that he was stolen as many on our road was at that time. I even thought I saw him on T.V. during a stolen dog bust in Madison County. My family went to the place and even took a dog home...I wanted Zoro back so bad, I convinced myself that a little dog there was him. (Eventhough the little dog didn't act like Zoro...he was traumatized I convinced myself.) I finally listened to Michael and agreed it wasn't Zoro, so we returned that little dog in case another family was looking for the one we took home.

Domino-Was our next little dog. We got Domino from Michael's brother and his family. He was also sweet and cute! He loved to run around and eventually got hit by a car. Afterwards, Michael worked really hard putting up fencing all the way around the back yard so our next dog could not get into the road. Even though we live in the country...we still live on a very busy road!

I told Michael I didn't want another dog! Something always happens to them! It wasn't long that Michael called asking if we wanted another dog. Someone through school was giving one away. He was a Scottie. I said sure. Michael picked up our dog and we named him Buddy. Buddy is a sweet dog. He loves to play fetch and get out of the back yard to roam a bit. I love my buddy! We still have him today.

One dog is not enough! It turns out that way after the boys paid a visit to Great Grandma Wiley.

Here is Caden playing with his puppy shortly after we brought him home. Caden loved little Lucky.

Lucky was Caden's dog from Great Grandma Wiley. Someone had "dumped" a pregnant dog off and she took it home to help it have her babies. We somehow were convinced by the boys that we needed not one...but two puppies. One for Cam and one for Cade. Since the boys have always been a little skittish with dogs...I thought growing up with a puppy would make a huge difference. A little, but not much.

Lucky- not too long after we had him, he bacame MIA! Missing in action...we do not know what happened to Lucky. He broke a hole in our fence and just disappeared.

Rex was Cameron's choice from Great Grandma Wiley's! He just had to have little Rex. Rex loved his brother Lucky. When Lucky disappeared, Rex just got wild with Buddy our other dog. Yes, at one time we had 3! Rex tore up everything and would not leave Buddy our Scottie alone! Buddy is older and seemed misrable most times around Rex. Rex would bark in Buddy's ear and Buddy would take off running to get away from Rex, while Rex was nipping at his heels the whole way. Buddy just couldn't get much of a break! Rex would jump on the kids too! Cameron wouldn't have much to do with him because of that. Kids were afraid of Rex. They didn't like him jumping on them. Rex started tearing up the fence and escaping. He chewed our satelite cable in half, chewed our extension cord in half, and ripped off trim on our well house! After constantly, fixing the fence and Rex constantly chewing up stuff...that was the last straw! We decided just the other day that it would be best for Rex and our family if he moved to another home. We said our goodbyes and took Rex to the pet shelter and I said a little prayer that he would find a good home.
Cute but a little stinker!

After all the dogs and all the hassle and love...come to find out...My boys like CATS better!!! Who knew??...Michael and I like dogs better so I assumed our boys would too!

Here is our sweet Snowball! Snowball had to have an ear cut off this year due to a tumor. The boys love Snowball! (Please don't notice the dirty window...I cleaned it for Christmas!)

Snowball wondering if he can have some of our breakfast...peeking inside.

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