Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little bragging again...

Today was an Eagle Rally at Cameron's school. I mentioned to him that I would probably not make it to school today. He then told me that he would be singing today. I made him aware that I had watched him sing those same songs twice now and since I still had soap to make, I probably would not make it. Then I reminded myself once again why I am a stay at home mom. He said, "Well, today I will be singing two songs". I questioned him and come to find out the Ambassadors were going to sing and he was going to be an elf. ahhhh...I will be there Cameron! I am so proud that he was chosen as an Ambassador and Terrific Kid this year. He is a terrific kid in my book!
Cameron Terrific Kid Lunch Oct. 2, 2008

It was also Character dress-up day at school. My little fireman!

Regardless that I am behind. Regardless, that there is only six days until Christmas is at my house. You are more important than all the "things" I have to get done.
I am glad I went. The soap is done, the cards are mailed, the living room is clean (thanks Aaron), and I even managed to talk to a friend, my sister (twice), and play a game of Shanghi with the family. It was a good day!

Cameron wanted me to check him out early (after the Rally). He said he wasn't feeling well. His face did look flush. He told me later that he got really hot and then he was nervous. He was nervous about saying his name in front of the whole primary school. I know he has come a long way, but the shyness monster rears it's head every now and then.

Cameron at the Eagle Rally...looking a little nervous...this little elf is not ready for his part. (Notice his red-hot ears!)

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