Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful....Happy Thanksgiving!

I know...I got a head start on Christmas for the first time before Thanksgiving. (Except for shopping, I try to do that year round). Yes, even on my blog. Traditionally, I wait until the day after Thanksgiving to bring in all the Christmas decor. While everyone is out shopping I usually am home decorating! I get to host Christmas at my house this year!! Yeah! That is the reason I already have one Christmas tree up! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

First comes Thanksgiving! I will not skip what I am thankful for in my mind and heart, just because I've started thinking of Christmas earlier. So, HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!
I am thankful for so many blessings the Lord has given me and my family:

My thankful list for 2008:
*The Lord Jesus Christ!
*The best husband, Michael
* Three terrific kiddos:
*My extended family
*My sister and brother
*My wonderful Mom and Step-Dad
*My In-laws
*Friends (old & new)
*My church and pastor
*My health and that of my family
*God's provisions
*Being able to stay home with my boys for 7 years now
*Cameron saved and baptized by God's grace this summer
*Cameron being alive and healthy after his accident
*The little things in life
*Christian movies like "Facing the Giants," "Fireproof," and "The Passion"
*My last grandparent still alive...Grandma Lane
*Aaron accepted to the U of A
*Michael getting a raise at school
*Friends and family who pray for us
*Our country
*Losing 20 + pounds
*God's favor
*My Sunday School class
*My boys enjoying XCLR 8 at church
*A big home (well, big enough) for the boys to run around in and a roof over our head
*Troops around the world protecting my freedom
*Reliable transportation
*Learning new things
*Good teachers
*my 12 nieces and 1 nephew
*No more chronic pain...thanks Dr. Kim
*My brother coming through his ER surgery good.
*Beautiful sunrise and sunsets
*God's promises


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