Friday, November 21, 2008

Caden turns 5!

I can't believe baby turned 5 today! No more more toddler...sniff...sniff

Caden Rylee Mason is a Big Boy now! Your such a free spirit. I love how your eyes shine and your smile still makes my heart melt!

We had a blast at Chuckee Cheese with our friends and family. He got lots of presents he liked and even money to go towards his new bike he has been wanting! He even got brave enough to go up there and hug Chuckee and get on stage. It was only several weeks ago we were there he was too scared to go close to the stage...I guess being 5 made the difference? It also could be cause our sweet hostess said he would get a medal when he stands on the stage.
Caden dancing as he waits for Chuckee to come out!

Thank you Grandma, Aunt Tara, Uncle Rodney, Devin, Sharee, Davina, Clint, Luke, Scott, Landon, Evan, Karanda, Kaylee, and Cameron for celebrating my 5th birthday with me! (Of course Mom and Dad were there too.)
Kinda nice not having to clean my house...make a cake...decorate...plan games...etc. Nice and stress-free during this busy time of the year for Mom. Okay....really nice! Don't get me wrong...I love to plan parties, bake cakes, and goodies. (Notice I didn't say clean the house!) However, a little break from that every once in a while is 'a good thing'.

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Karanda and kaylee said...

Thank-you for mentioning my our name!It was a very fun birthday party!