Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Tree...Cameron's Story...continues...Part 4

...Adrenaline kicks mom and I jump up and run outside...Running to him a few feet away...he is holding his side, wanting to cry, but cannot...then collapsed! He just got the breath knocked out of him...he's okay. (I'm thinking) By the time I got to him, (30 seconds after it happened), his eyes were rolled back into his head, face pale. Flat on his back, not responding! Not thinking clearly, I grab his arm... desperate to get him to talk to me and pulled him up...It was like a newborns neck rolling back. My sister yells, "no, lay him down". He is not breathing...OMG(not in vain, but in need) he is Not BREATHING! At this point panic in me has set in... "Call 911!"

I hear my sister is on the phone calling 911, Caden, his brother, is outside along with Sharee. Devin finally is down from the tree. "I tried to get down fast...I couldn't get down very fast,"he said... concerned for his cousin. The kids each came up to me and said, "Is he okay," I told each the same answer..."Go inside and pray." I start yelling, crying, begging... "please Lord help, please! Lord I need you!" At the same time I was crying out, I was stroking Cameron's hand, wanting some kind of reaction. "Cameron, talk to mommy!!" This cannot be's a
dream right?? Michael, oh my gosh....he's at home sick...I need you Michael.

Next thing I know... my mom is breathing into Cameron's mouth several times...he came to for a minute. Thank you Lord!...Then, he stopped breathing again. My heart sinks! My mom picked him up, like a baby cradled in her arms and was thinking, but keeping to herself, "there's nothing else we can do." I was thinking: Cameron was just saved and baptized last this why he was? Is he gonna die Lord? All who were there...thought he was dying.

Something inside Grandma, told it more time. Grandma laid Cameron back down and breathed into his mouth one more time. He came to. Thank you Lord. "Cameron, it's mommy, can you hear me?"...No response. I am crying, getting louder. Thank goodness...I hear the ambulance! NO.........No!, the ambulance just passed Grandma's house! Please we need help! We are reassured by the 911 operator that it was not our ambulance, but ours was on the way too. When?? Not fast enough!

Suddenly, it seemed out of nowhere a man approached us. He was a First Responder. He asked Cameron some questions and he responded with a faint yes. Can you move He was not moving. Thinking back...oh man we picked him up, what have we done? Being certified in the past with CPR...didn't help THIS mom who is in panic mode. However, he was trying to go to sleep, I knew he shouldn't...

The ambulance...finally...sigh of some relief. I back off a little and let them do there job. "Cameron please stay awake honey. You can't go to sleep okay? Cameron, Cameron open your eyes. I love you Cameron." I held my hand over his face as the sun was beaming down. They noticed that his pupils were the size of a pin-point. So tiny...why? The sun was hurting his eyes. He still has not moved, other than his lips and eyes. Those very little! Then, they asked him if he could move his toes. They moved!....HOPE! Tara gets Michael on the phone, he is on his way. (45 minutes away...ugh!)

"Do you want to take him to the hospital?" I don't know, what should I do? "He's gonna be okay right?" The EMT replies, "Well, it's up to you but there could be some internal damage, we don't know." Why do I have to make this decision alone. No, we don't have insurance...but yes I want to make sure he is okay! "Yes! Let's go." One of the EMT's came over to me after I talked briefly to Michael. He was trying to gently reassure me. The flood gates just opened up. I apologized for crying like that with him, "It's the stress getting to me!". I get into the ambulance while they are loading my precious boy. He just celebrated his 7th birthday, 3 days before! Oh man, I can't lose you Cameron. I start praying again. The driver was really nice and tried to talk to me. He said he was fixing to have a baby boy. I congratulated him and told him, "DON'T let him climb trees!" All the while I have one ear in the back listening to the EMT's, trying to keep Cameron awake. Making sure he is still okay......I can't get over how unresponsive he still is.

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