Monday, November 10, 2008

Miracles Do Happen: ...The Tree...Part 3

Sunday, July 20, 2008 was a beautiful summer day. After loading the kids in the car and kissing my husband goodbye...(leaving him with a migraine), we headed off to church. We love our church and our Sunday visits to Grandma's house!

This particular Sunday, seemed to be our normal routine. With the exception of leaving daddy home. :o( We eat, clean-up, and play a game of Shanghi...(fun card game). As for the kids, they go in the computer room and play games or chase outside. My Mom was talking about how she wanted to move...again! I'm thinking...Oh boy, here we go again. (How many times have you moved??) She wanted to be somewhere that is warm and sunny in the winter. She told us that we didn't need her, we would be fine. I chimed in: "mom, I need you, and what about your grand kids...they need yo
u." Little did we know, just how much we would need Grandma, even on this very day!

The cousins had spent quite a bit of time on the computer so we sent the lil ones out to play. It happened to be pretty hot in the kitchen/dining room that day, so for once we decided to move our card game into the living room. It has a huge window so we could still watch the kids.
It turns out that this move was not just a coincidence. As I looked up I saw Cameron and his cousin Devin in the tree. Cameron is getting really high I think to myself. (9-10 feet off the ground) Cameron loves climbing trees! I looked back down as it was my turn to play. The next thing I know...I look up and in what felt like ...s..l..o..w... motion Cameron is falling out of the heart races...NOOOO!

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