Friday, April 23, 2010

Michael Rocks...He Is a Good Provider

I can remember on a particular date, before marriage, at a Mexican restaurant in Fayetteville, we talked about having kids. Michael told me then he would want me to stay home with them at least until they were in school. His mom did that, as well as mine. We were married for about two years when we found out we were pregnant. One day at church, we felt the Lord talking to us simultaneously. We went to the alter that day, knowing God's will for our children and us was for me to stay home. We didn't know how we would make it, but we surrendered to His will on that day.

Michael is a teacher. He teaches AP Chemistry and Biology to high school juniors and seniors. He has a passion for teaching and connects with his students on a daily basis. He is respected and admired at school. To help make ends meet over the past eight years, Michael has taken on various extra jobs or learned new skills to help out financially. Michael has done what it takes to help make my time of being a SAHM possible. I appreciate the sacrifices that he has made to make it happen. Thanks honey!

A few of Michael's extra jobs throughout the years:

1) Tutoring at school

2) Interesting summer jobs:

*APEI (an engineering company)-worked on Venus Lander for NASA

* Teaching at the U of A for the Upward Bound program.

* Teaching science for NYSP at the U of A.

  • Fish and Game Department-fish surveys
  • U of A -Snake Surveys and surgery
3) He ran a paper route for three years.

4) Learning to repair our cars, lawnmowers, etc. He is becoming quite handy.

Michael Rocks...He is a good provider.

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Becca said...

How absolutely wonderful- I can hear the love and admiration you have for him in this post!!


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

That is one of the things I appreciate the most about Jeremy. He is a wonderful provider and works so hard. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a great post. These are such a great tribute to a wonderful man you have. These will be fabulous post for not only you guys to read but for your boys to read when they are older. They will know what a great man their dad is.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Leah said...

What a great post!

aMY g said...


heidi said...

He does rock. :-) I'm glad.

jenjen said...

What a great hubby! I can tell how much you love him :)


Angie S said...

I love those words...what a touching post! I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home with my babies for now!!

Ben Dial said...

Yes, I am the exact same way about chicken fat. I thought I was the only one! Or at least in a very small minority ;) We probably are. I can do bacon, though, if it's crispy. What do you do, pick your bacon apart or just avoid it altogether? Kara

He & Me + 3 said...

You are blessed. I love these posts about your hubs. What a sweet wife you are & what a great guy you have. We have a good provider over here too.
You can enter more than just once on my giveaway today:) come back by. I could really use your help on my 5 moms post. You are very creative.