Monday, October 12, 2009

Looking Back...Summer Fun

Fall is here! The weather has been cooler and rainy this week. The leaves are beginning to turn beautiful colors! We had our first fire in our fireplace this weekend. Love relaxing and watching the fire! I love Fall! However, it is time to take a walk down memory lane on some great memories we made over the summer! Remember the list?
Warning: Picture and fun overload!

No, my chalkboard is still not finished! So many projects on the back burner now that I am working.

Fast Lane....check!

Our first stop, July 17th, Cameron's birthday we celebrated at Fast Lane in Lowell. The boys had a blast. Their favorite thing to do there was the Pirates of the Caribbean laser tag.

Caden concentrating while playing Deal or No Deal...


Our next stop, was a good friend's birthday party. The boys had a good time at the bowling alley. Caden with the birthday boy.

Next on the list...skating. This was taken care of during another birthday party. This time for my niece and nephew. I forgot how fun skating is!
Here is a picture of the boys with their cousins. This skating rink is like no other. You can skate, skate board, and ride scooters, all on the same floor.

Movies and popcorn....check!

The boys with some 'tude' before their first 3 D movie- Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaur.

The Creek....check! (Many times)

One of the boys favorite summer activity is going to the creek by our home. We also took family walks/bike rides on that road to the creek. Fun times!

My handsome boys!


The boys made spears to fish with. They did plenty of regular fishing too with dad.


We went camping the week of June 5th-7th. Our annual camping trip to the Illinois River in Oklahoma. We go every year with my In-Laws. They just bought a new camper trailer this past Spring that holds 8-10 people. It was nice. Hanging out, swimming, fishing, just good ole camping fun!

Seaweed fight anyone?

After an early morning fishing trip! Cameron checking out his fish!


Picnic, hiking, and caving with some cousins and grandparents at Devil's Den State Park.

Great memories for all!


Not just any boating...the finest hand-made boat at Grandma and Papa's!

Cameron and his favorite cousin Devin cruising the pond!

Grandma and Caden having a blast!

We love our Sunday's at Grandma's and Papa's!

Boating and Tubing....check!

Our good family friends, Scott and Shonna invited us out for a day at Beaver Lake. Fun as always! We are a family who loves water and good friends!

Caden tubing by himself for the first time! His smile says it all!

Relaxin' with dad!

Catch fireflies...check!

The only picture I didn't capture is the fireflies that were caught. The boys did, however, manage to find more friends along the way.

Cameron's caterpillar getting really friendly.

A baby lizard...

A baby frog...


Getting ready to watch fireworks and hang out with our family friends, Scott and Tammy. Food, fireworks, cards, swimming and lots of fun!

Water park...check!

Our trip to Branson, MO. to the Grand Country Inn indoor water park. We enjoyed our time, and we got to spend time with Aunt Tara, Uncle Rodney, Devin, and Sharee!

The gang hanging out.

Making snow cones....lots of snow cones!....Check!

Playing in the sprinkler....inseparable!

Feeding/chasing the ducks! Check!

We only had one minor injury this summer. The day we went to the park for a cousin's birthday party, the same day the boys fed the ducks, Caden shut his own finger in the car door. Not fun for my little one. However, it certainly was not the level of fear I had in 2008 with Cameron.

Caden still upset and in pain!

As you can see we had a fun-filled, busy summer!


jenjen said...

Hi Rhonda!

You did so much this Summer. I am so impressed. What fun memories your boys will have. I loved seeing all of those pictures! And I love that one of you with the boys - you look so happy and pretty!

I hope you had a good day today and a good start to your week! I am thinking of you and sending you a hug over the miles.


Pam said...

Making great memories! Your boys will always remember these special times.

shortmama said...

You have been one busy lady!

Carrie said...

yeah! I am glad ya'll got some much done! Love the pictures

Deborah Ann said...

Great pictures!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

That looks like such a blast! I love the picture with the caterpillar ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

Now that was an awesome checked off list. Love all the pictures. The one of you with the boys for fireworks was beautiful. Great list!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Wow, look at all that summer fun! I'm lovin' the picture before the 3-D movie, too cute!!!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a fabulous summer recap. It does look like you all had a blast. The photos are so wonderful. I love the picture of the boys boating and looking through the grass.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. It is cold and rainy up here in MO as well.

MiMi said...

I'm so glad you got to do so much fun stuff, the pictures are great!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

I love how you kept up with this list- such fun memories!!!

Your boys are adorable!!


John Deere Mom said...

What a great post! So awesome to see your list and pictures!!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

What a great Summer it was! :) I already miss it!

Kasey said...

what a great summer it looks like you guys had!

A fire in your fireplace? I'm so super jealous! We don't have a fireplace but our next house is so going to have one!

Love the tubing pic! Happy Fall!