Friday, May 1, 2009

Funny Friday

This week Funny Friday is provided by the courtesy of my 7 year old...Cameron.

The family comedian

I was helping grandma out by painting a dog/play house in her yard. All the grand kids helped out. Pretty soon all the kids were disappearing, and Cameron decided he was done too. He did a great job as all the kids did. He dropped off his stuff and my sister said. "Hey where are all the kids? I thought you guys were going to paint." Cameron replied, "we all retired."

At dinner tonight we were all sitting around the table. All five of us. I love Thursdays when 'Bubba' comes over. Cameron was eating his shrimp and dad said, "Cam you really like shrimp." "Yeah, I'm a shrimp machine." A few minutes later, Cameron suddenly announces..."I'm
done. The machine... is full!"

A few weeks ago, I was at the computer blogging away when I heard one of the boys come up behind me. I turned around and saw Cameron standing there. I turned back around, and I asked him if he wanted to blog? He then replied,

"Hey mom! I have an idea."

When I turned around
this is what I saw.

Have a great weekend!


Leah said...

How cute! :)

Miller Racing Family said...

Now these were just as good as your videos. The laughs probably fill your house all the time. I love the first one about the painting very cute.
Hope you have a blessed weekend.

jenjen said...

Those are great. I love the things that kids say. I always say I am going to write it down but then I forget and can't remember what exactly they say. I think it's great that you are recording it. You will look back and be so thankful you did!

How are you my friend? I am running around like a mad woman this week. Do you ever feel like that? I got my square foot garden planted yesterday. I will have to post some pictures. And we have a community garden here that I helped plant yesterday too. I am a tired girl today.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


jennykate77 said...

Ahhh, kids...they're soooo funny! I love that he's "retired".

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday!!

Shawn said...

What a cutie! Everyone needs a comedian it help lighten even the darkest of moods!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Oh, Rhonda! This is so precious!! What a cutie. I'm going to seriously have to start writing the funny things my kids say down.

Xazmin said...

Hilarious! I love the "retired" comment!


Tanielle said...

Too cute!! Kids are so much fun, I love what they come up with!

I gave you an award!:-) Have a great weekend!

AndreaLeigh said...

very funny! you have a comedian on your hands.