Friday, March 27, 2009


This week was spring break for my second grader! Last week was spring break for my DH....see the problem?? The week my husband was off was wonderful because he got a lot of projects around the house done. Thanks honey!! He also got to eat with Cameron at school a couple of days too. I enjoyed having him home! However, I wish their spring breaks were together so we could take a few days and go some where together as a family! Maybe next year! I thought it was so cute when Cameron said, "If this law doesn't pass, (a law trying to make all schools to have spring break the same week) I am going to become President so we can have spring break as a family."

This week Dad is back at work. Cameron got to have a good friend stay over Sunday night and Monday. We enjoyed Evan visiting. They are great friends! I taught Evan in pre-school and have known him since he was a baby. They are great friends of our family!

Evan and Cameron playing games. Ugh excuse the desk...on my list!

Cameron also had another friend stay the night this week. His friend from school...Clint. Clint and Cameron have known each other every since they were little. Clint's mom is one of my great friends. They will have a chance to grow up and graduate together some day. So, I've had a house full of even more testosterone this week!! My DH was kind enough to let me get away for an evening with my friend Jill. We went to the Olive Garden and to a movie. It was a nice treat!

Since the boys have mastered the monkey bars they decide they will jump off the top!

Today, my DH decided he would take 1/2 a day off at school to do something with the family. We decided to go to Terra Studio, the place that makes the famous glass blue birds. We are only about 20 minutes away and I had never been there. It is a neat place. Cameron wants to go back and take a pottery class. I want to go back and have a picnic there. It is such a creative and peaceful place. Loved it! Here are several pictures from Terra Studios:

This is a door inside of the big door. Just their size!

A booth in the coffee house.

On our way to Terra Studios....where the buffalo roam.

Spring Break has ended....and now they are predicting SNOW again! Ugh!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Terra Studios sounds like a great place to visit, glad y'all had fun. I know what you mean about a house full of testosterone raised 3 boys and each had tons of friends, it wasn't anything for me to have as many as 12 boys at a time spend the night...major den would be covered in sleeping bags...but it was well worth it, my boys are grown now but their friends never forgot the fun we had at our house. And their parents knew they were safe here.

Miller Racing Family said...

Oh, how I feel your pain about the snow. Everything is blooming here so the snow makes me feel sick!
The boys had spring break last week and it was wonderful. It actually fell on days that I was off so we were able to get a lot of things done around here which was wonderful and take a few little road trips.
Love all the pictures in this post. Looks like you had a lot of fun.
Have a great weekend.

Carrie said...

Looks like a fun spring break!

Karanda and kaylee said...

Cool!So where are your easter pictures?