Saturday, November 8, 2008

A picture of God's Grace...Part 1

A little peak inside my journal...dated Oct. 30, 2000.
"Well, I have some exciting news!...What a blessing and a miracle in our life. Something I've waited for, prayed for, and dreamed of all my life. I'm going to be a mom...I'm pregnant!!"

9 Months Later.... Cameron Michael Mason was a miracle from God! Finally, arrived July 21, 2001 at 5:25 a.m.. He weighed 7 lbs. and 13 oz. , and was 21 inches long.

Birth Story: short version...

Two weeks over due, Petocin started, amniotic bag busted, back labor kicks in, listening to my relaxation music, sitting on an exercise ball, and Sis taking an after birth bottle and filling it with hot water rubbing it on my back...thanks sis! Epidural..... Michael's scrubs falling to his knees...while he is spread eagle holding my shoulders so I will not move...hee hee. Epidural not working, medicine to relax...upset don't like medicine! Mom by my side...Knew something was wrong but they wouldn't tell me...they just wanted for me to rest...couldn't. A long 23 1/2 hours and suddenly Cameron was ready to enter the world. Whew!

The room was full of nurses and doctors and specialists! A lot of concerned faces in the room. Dr. could not take her eyes off of the monitor because heart rate was dropping...meconium present in amniotic fluid. God was at work in this young baby's life. After making his way into the world, with a cord around his neck, I only got to see Cameron for a second....literally 1 the nurse held him up and they immediately went to work on getting him to breath. Precious little Cameron was whisked away while new mom, exhausted with no sleep for over 24 hours, wondering why can't I hold my baby? Why isn't he laying on my chest? What's next?
Michael said a very special prayer that day. We knew our precious one was a gift from God. We also know that Cameron was His and we gave Cameron to the Lord that day. I prayed diligently during my pregnancy and after for the Lord to use Cameron for his glory and His purpose. To make him a mighty man of God...
After 4 hours of sleep, a blessing in disguise, Cameron was finally able to be in our arms. I know if I had not fallen asleep, it would have been too much for me to handle, not knowing why my baby was not with me, what was wrong, and what was going on? I woke up to God's mercy! Cameron was healthy! No meconium in his lungs! Praise the Lord!

Wow...look at my hair roots...eww and Michael's facial hair!

Ahhh, the best part.... Cameron my sweet pea! Hard to believe he had black hair!

4 hours after delivery... getting to hold Cameron for the first time
God has a plan....Cameron made it through his traumatic birth.

Down Memory Lane.....I can remember being 16 years old driving to town one day I prayed...Lord just let me live until I have a baby. Please! I want to live until I have a baby...I love babies. I'm so glad God doesn't answer some of our prayers...our way! I'm thankful to be alive!

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Leah said...

I had the same problem during my delivery of our second child. She had the cord around her neck twice, and meconium was in her lungs. She was in NICU for 5 days. Thankfully, she is fine today. :)