Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365...Week 5

 Sunday, January 23

  Caden immersed in God's Word before church. 

Monday, January 24
Love my green smoothies...this one includes the Cinch protein powder, which helped me lose 6.6 pounds this week!

Tuesday, January 25

A Tuesday night date night to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks.  It was a great game!  A big thanks to my brother for the tickets and my mom for staying with the boys.  I love date nights!

Wednesday, January 26

I'm so excited!  My Christmas present has finally arrived tonight!
The Samsung set is awesome. 

Thursday, January 27

Piles of problem.  
  My Samsung set sings to me, gets the clothes cleaner, does twice as much or more.  Laundry just became a little bit delightful!

Friday, January 28

Caden painting a masterpiece with such concentration.  The tongue is proof!

Saturday, January 29

Daddy's traditional Saturday breakfast.  Do you want some pancake to go with your syrup?  I can't wait to sneak in a homemade whole wheat pancake recipe this weekend. 

Oops...this is just a little late! 


MiMi said...

Caden reading the Bible before church is SO cute!
I'm jealous of the washer and dryer and the 6.6 lbs? Where do you get this and I want it!!!

Rae said...

What a fabulous picture of Caden!! And your Christmas gift looks wonderful!!!! :)

Pam said...

Wonderful week of photos! Have you enjoyed your snow week?

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Laundry and delightful in the same sentence??? Yes please! The first pic is ADORABLE! I love coming into the living room after putting Kam to sleep and seeing Sierra curled up with her Bible. It's about the sweetest thing ever. And yay for date nights . . . what *are* those, anyway???

Miller Racing Family said...

Loved the photo of Caden reading the Bible, what a keepsake.
Love the date night photo, you all are a cute couple. I am proud to say that we have also made an effort the last 6 months to have a date night once a week. I also got a cute couples food for thought card set, that is a lot of fun.

Barb said...

Hi Rhonda!

You are doing great - 6.6 pounds!! Please tell us more about Cinch - where do we buy it?!

Your pictures are so cute of your boys - have I told you lately that I think you are a great mom?

What a fabulous washer and dryer!! With those sweet boys, I'm sure you do lots of laundry. Isn't it funny how cleaning appliances make women happy! I got a vacuum cleaner for my birthday one time and I still think it was one of the best gifts I ever got!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

All of your shots are perfect, but the first one touched my heart. So good to see children still reading the Bible.

AndreaLeigh said...

love seeing your pics! I have just discovered green smoothies and I think they are delicious. congrats on your shiny new washer and dryer.