Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maybe I Should...

Maybe I should get ready for my run tonight. The most talked about day of the c25k... week 5, day 3 is here! I go from my last run being 8 minute intervals to running 20 minutes with NO break. Wish me luck!

I love my husband! Today is our 11th year anniversary. We have been celebrating all weekend.

People would say that I am sweet. (That is the comment I hear most about myself...that is what hubby said that most people say to him too.)

I don't understand why I get too many projects going and have such a hard time completing any of them. Hmmmm, didn't I just anwser my own question?

When I wake up in the morning it will be my test run of getting to school by 7:30 each day.

I lost my dog last year, and really want another one.

Life is full of seasons and journeys that God calls you to, for His glory and for His kingdom.

My past is part of my journey with God. There was a lot of pain with losing my grandma, dad, and grandpa within six months of each other when I was a teenager.

I get annoyed
and stressed if I'm running late.

Parties are fun to plan for me. I really enjoy it.

I wish I had more desire to cut sugar out of my diet again.

Tomorrow I am going to officially be a teacher again, after the school board meeting.

I have low tolerance for people who hurt children.

I'm totally terrified of
snakes. It makes me shudder to think Michael tagged rattle snakes one summer.

I wonder why I am still going through my old school stuff! I've worked and worked on it.

Never in my life
have I had problems with facial hair until I had my boys. Only one side of my lip will grow a couple of hairs to be plucked. I hate it.

High School was a blast. I opted out of going to my 20 year HS reunion this weekend. Since it was our anniversary, and we were kid free, we just spent time with each other. However, I've been sick for at least half of that time.

When I'm nervous I laugh. The boys and I were talking about this today. Cameron was talking about how I started laughing on the roller coaster. My friends at my wedding thought I was crying because my shoulders were moving up and down. I was giggling.

One time at a family gathering I rode in a horse and buggy with some of my Amish relatives.

Take my advice: life without Jesus is no life at all!

Making my bed is one fairly new habit that I love. It makes me happy.

I'm almost always a night owl. That will have to change.

I'm addicted to my family. They are the best.

I want someone to pinch me because my house is quiet. The boys are staying the night at grandmas. Thanks mom!


MiMi said...

Happy anniversary!!!
Good luck with the run, you will do great, I'm sure!
And, you lost your doggy? That's sad.

~Sandy~ said...

Happy Anniversary!!1 I liked this post! Can I borrow your it??

shortmama said...

Im with you on the snakes....ick!

Happy anniversary!

Beth in NC said...

Ok, how did the RUN GO?!?!?!

Happy Anniversary!


Shawn said...

Happy anniversary and good luck getting back into the grind of a hard schedule!

Pam said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you had such a good weekend. Goodluck on your first day of work tomorrow.

Kara said...

So proud of you on that run, WOW! I am a night owl, too. Ugghhh! The first couple of weeks are rough on me for that reason alone! 2 more days of maternity leave, I am sooooo SAD!!! Happy Anniversary. I will be stopping by your room, k? ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Anniversary a little late. Hope your weekend celebration was awesome.

I am terrified of snakes too. Yuck

Becca said...

I saw on FB that you did the whole 20!!! YAY!!! So proud of you. When you complete the C25K program, start increasing your distance and see how far you can go! it is amazing what you can do!!


Kim said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your list! Happy Anniversary and congrats on a teaching job! You will do great.

Miller Racing Family said...

The early morning run is a good thought. Trey is going to start preschool Tuesday so I might need to practice. I hope you all had a fabulous anniversary.
Have a blessed week!

Roger and LeAnn said...

I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts today. I have many thoughts that are similar. I think having the break with your husband is the best idea of all. Take advantage of those alone moments.
If you get a chance check out my post. I just blogged a movie clip of my blind granddaughter playing the piano by ear. I also explained why she is blind and is our miracle baby.
Blessing to you! LeAnn

Trudy said...

This is cute Rhonda...I may have to borrow this one!