Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring in Northwest Arkansas

Friday was a beautiful day with the high of 70! I spent the afternoon outside trimming some bushes and sanding my vanity for my bathroom makeover. It felt so good to be outside on such a gorgeous day.

Saturday, March 20th, the first day of Spring...Mother Nature brings us...snow

My nephew, Devin came over for the day and for a sleep over.

This is what we woke up to on Sunday...8-12 inches of snow in Northwest Arkansas. The biggest snow yet! It has snowed all day too! Even though I long to wear capri pants and flip flops, to be eating out of my garden, baseball, yard sales, and picnics. Those will have to wait a little bit longer...I will enjoy the beauty of the snow.

A few friendly neighbors decide to drop by...

A few decided to stay for dinner...

He is on our sidewalk!

By Wednesday it is suppose to get back up to 68-70 degrees...I'm looking forward to it!

What did your first day of Spring look like?


Carrie said...

I hope the snow will be gone soon!


Becca said...

Love the birdie pics- sorry it was a wintry start to Spring Break for you!!


MiMi said...

It's really pretty, but I would have cried. So depressing when it's the first day of Spring.

Trudy said...

Those really are great birdie pics in the snow! That poor robin looks freezing and I LOVE the cardinal shot with that brilliant red against the white snow.

Sounds like it won't be welcome for long though with your temps warming up.

Hope your weekend was great!

Barb said...


At first I was so jealous of the 70 degree weather . . . but 8-12 inches of snow?! That's just not fair. I did love your pictures of the sweet little birds, they looked so forlorn! Sounds like you'll be blessed with warmth again soon. I hate to even complain about the weather around here - when it's 100 degrees this summer, I'll want the snow back! Enjoy it while you can?



Kim said...

Beautiful pics. I bet the boys had a great time in the snow!! However I would have preferred the 70 degrees in March!!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

What in the world is Mother Nature thinking? No more snow! So happy that warm weather is in your future!

Sarah said...

It was blizzard like conditions when we were driving in it Saturday night. We watched a Blazer in front of us almost flip over a fence and then the next thing I knew we were in the ditch. We drive an Expedition and had it in all wheel drive and still went in the ditch. There were multiple times we slid and was only going like 10 miles an hour. It was a long night getting home and I think the worst road conditions in a long long time. Hope all is going well for you guys!

Miller Racing Family said...

Sorry about the snow. I can't believe you got 8-12 inches. I love the snow bird photos.
I hope the melting starts soon!