Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Are you ready for some football? Looks like the underdogs aka Saints won!

I have found a delicious chili con queso dip that was perfect for the Super Bowl. But first let me share some excitement. I have been blessed to win four giveaways in the month of January! I believe after our 12 days of giving, God is blessing us abundantly. One of the giveaways I won was perfect for tonight.

A ceramic football platter, plates, napkins, green chile's, and a runner...see perfect for tonight.

Our spread: baked potato bar, chili con queso dip, chicken taquitos, chips and crackers.

Now for the must try recipe that was found here. This is not just an ordinary Ro-tel cheese dip. This is kicked up a notch or two! Great for parties and game night. It could undo all that exercising did for you if your not careful!


1 package Velveeta
1 can Ro-tel tomatoes & chilies
1 medium onion
about 5 oz bacon
1/2 a bell pepper
1 garlic clove
1/4 to 1/2 a tsp ground cumin
1/2 a tsp oregano
Worcestershire sauce

First, finely chopped a small, juicy red bell pepper, a small onion, and grate a fairly big garlic clove.

Second, cook the bacon until brown and crispy and don’t even think about cleaning the pan. Just don’t! Drain the bacon on a paper towel.

Third, cook the veggies in the bacon grease, over low heat, until they’re soft. That’ll add a wicked flavor. Add 1/4 to 1/2 a tsp ground cumin, cook for 30 more seconds and then pour in the Ro-tel. Also add a slightly heaping 1/2 a tsp dried oregano. Another thing I’ve added was a splash of Worcestershire sauce–it really boosted the flavors! Simmer for a few moments.

Next, cube the velveeta, or learn the art of delegating! Add the velveeta and melt it over low heat. Stir occasionally.

Finally, crumble the bacon and add it to the dip . Throw some parsley on top and that's it! Serve hot and keep it hot!

My favorite part...adding the crumbled bacon....yummmmy!

I promise it looks better in person and tastes scrumptious. Oh, and it makes a lot. I have a batch in my freezer now. Enjoy!


shortmama said...

YAY!! Glad the Saints won! Im a Cowboys fan but was rooting for the Saints!

Kim said...

Congrats on winning so many giveaways! Hope you enjoyed the Superbowl. I watched while cleaning my house!

Kara said...

That sounds super! We went to Red Robin about 4. Then Ben ate pizza rolls and I ate Fudge Stripe cookies...yes, I am already breaking into the "snow food."

jenjen said...

That looks so yummy Rhonda!!! Cute giveaway win too!!!

Have a great week my friend!



Becca said...

Wow- that sounds fantastic- as queso is a favorite in this Texas household- we had it last night too. We tried the 2% milk Velveeta with a can of Rotel and used baked Doritos. Tried to make it slightly healthier and it wasn't that bad!!!


honeysuckle said...

I hope you had a great time at the game. The snacks look like they were delicious. What a great giveaway win for you too. I know more about food than I do football! Have a great week now!

MiMi said...

Boo football...yay Saints!!! Yay yay queso!!!!

Tanielle said...

Congrats on winning sooo just won another one!!!!!:) e-mail me your address.

heidi said...

Sounds fab! I made a bunch of junk food that no one ate. Blech.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

YUM! You're making me hungry ;) And congratulations on all those giveaways. Such fun!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a cool bowl. Yum to all your snacks. Our spread was yummy too.