Friday, June 26, 2009

My Busy Month...Crazy Busy Week

This past month has been crazy busy! No slowing down yet. I thought after baseball was over, things would slow down a bit....Oh noooo! Summer full speed ahead! Lots of fun ahead too!

Dad and coach!

My little slugger! Caden's first year of T-ball. The photos are from his last game. He had great coaches! Coach Bryce and dad.

Then comes VBS:

Cameron and his cousin Devin enjoyed their week together at VBS!

Water slide fun with cousins!

This crazy...busy week:

Sunday...Father's Day
On father's day we went to church, out to a nice dinner, and then went to my Father In Laws and spent the day with them and nieces from MN.... 3 hours on the road.

Cameron with his Granny and Grandpa (My In-laws) ...Taken May 09

Monday....friends birthday bowling party and baseball champions swimming party:

Bowling party....FUN!

The boys had a good time at the baseball champion swimming party!

Tuesday: Off to Devil's Den for caving and a picnic with the boys cousins and grandparents. And an unexpected emergency.

The cousins....yep we have the only boys on Michael's side of the family! On our hike to the caves. This was Caden's first time to go caving! He loved it!

Tuesday night I had a bad headache. I was thrilled to be home for the night. Nope didn't happen...this night my mom and my brother's girls were in a bad auto accident. Three cars...7 people involved. Thank the Lord no one needed an ambulance! One ticket, one arrested, and one got their car shoved into a big ditch for further damage! So off to see my mom and nieces. We love you Grandma. We are so thankful you and the girls were not seriously injured...or anyone else!

A favorite picture of mom and Cam 2002

Wednesday: Friends come over for the day.

They played the Wii, went on a hike, went to the creek, and had snow cones!

At the creek.... On the hike........ Yummy snow cones!

Thursday: My sister and I go visit and interview my grandma who is 96 years old...born in 1912.

My sister and picture with her turned out blurry! ;o(

We got to visit my only living grandparent left. I loved learning more about her life. I loved learning how she met my grandpa. It was love at first sight. She said when she saw him in church something just popped out...(holding her heart)...he told her it happened to him too! So sweet! We love you grandma Lane! What a treasure to have her story on video.

Friday: Blog, catch up on house, and work on my mile long to do list! Cameron's birthday party is less than a month away! Big priority for next week!

Hope you have a fun, enjoyable weekend!


MiMi said...

I hope you get to rest! You had a busy, fun week!
I thought I had a busy week too, but not THAT busy!
My little guy had a bowling birthday party today too, but it got cancelled because his friend came down with Strep throat. Poor little kid, my son was heartbroken so I can only imagine how sad the sick one is! : (
Your mom looks really young!
And your grandma, that is so neat that you did the interview. I had mine write a history for me about a year before she passes.
Good thing you did this post, otherwise I would've forgot that I NEED to get all of her stuff together and bound! Woops!

MiMi said...

I mean a year before she PASSED. Yikes.

jenjen said...

Hi Rhonda!
My you have been busy! Cute pictures. I love those ones from VBS! And your granny is so cute. What a sweet story!

I am so happy that your family is alright after being in that accident. How scary!!! Have a super weekend. Are you going to any garage sales?


Jen said...

WOW you've been busy! I'm so glad no one was really hurt in the accident, but otherwise it sounds like everyone's having a good time so far :) Have a great weekend!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Sounds like you had a busy week, lol...little don't slow down when the kids are grown, it's just called Grand kids...
I got to rest for about a was 9 when 1st Grandson was born so no break for me.
But I love every minute of it, I always say you can rest when you die. Enjoy the kids while you can.
I am so glad your Mom wasn't hurt, I know it was scary to get that call, and I bet you forgot all about that headache, don't you know us Mom's aren't allowed to be do hope your head got better.

He And Me + 3 said...

wow girl...and i thought i was busy. how fun all the things you have been up too.
so glad noone was injured in the accident. God was protecting.
How cool that you got to visit your 96 year old grandmother. That is so neat.
Loved all the pictures

Lela said...

What fun you guys are having. It goes by too fast! The interview with your grandma is a great idea. Tara looks like she has been to the Bahamas.

Kim said...

So much fun!! How will you keep up that pace!! I bet the boys are loving it.

Leah said...

WOW! You are super busy!

What great summer memories though.

I'm glad your Mom is OK and nobody was hurt.

Miller Racing Family said...

WOW, what a week.
Looks like you guys are staying so busy. I totally agree with you that I thought life would slow down after t-ball but I doubt it will happen. We have two games left next week.
I love all of the photos. The collage of the boys and VBS is so cute.
Glad to hear no one was hurt in the accident. That is so scary when any member of the family is in a wreck.
The photo with your Granny is so cute. I also have one set of grandparents left and as I get older I love learning more about our family.
I hope that you have a restful weekend. We are also hoping to get a lot of stuff checked off the list.