Friday, May 15, 2009

When it Rains It Pours

I am so thankful for the sunshine today!!
I love it!

I spent part of the morning detailing the inside of my car and catching some needed vitamin D! It has been raining for the past two weeks. There has been only a few days where it didn't rain. Our yard has not been mowed due to all the's bad...but we are not alone! If it wasn't raining the ground was too saturated. Then the one day we thought we could get it done...a belt on the mower broke!!

Our garden is not all planted due to the rain!! The corn and lettuce are still coming up. I've got my sprouts still begging to be transplanted. It needs to be tilled again. All the rain brought plenty of weeds!

My sprouts waiting patiently...the funny thing about dh was trying to help me out...put the sprouts outside on our railing. They got knocked over. He picked up what he could and placed them back in the tray. Well, let's just say all the labeling I took time to do...out the window. They are all mixed up. I know what some are, but not all of them, because I am trying new things this year!

Two sections of our privacy fence are down due to storms that came through Wednesday night...crushing one of my rose bushes on one side!

The only bloom on the crushed rose a few buds.

The other side...see the back yard!! It has not been mowed for 3 weeks now!!!! Keeping it real friends! The good news...the front yard is not quite this bad!

Through all the rain and storms...God lets His goodness and mercy shine through.

Some of my old fashioned rose bushes at my house in full bloom! They loved all the rain!

Some beautiful flowers left by a neighbor friend on Mother's thoughtful!

Dinner is done...taco salad and Mexican casserole. I cooked two meals at once...because tomorrow will be busy with baseball practice and yard work!! The boys are washing the car by hand. Hubby is putting the lawn mower back together...hopefully I can get some mowing in tonight!

Have a super weekend...rain or shine!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I love the wild roses...and the deep red ones are so pretty. We only have the light pink ones here and they are at least a month away from blooming. It seems that everybody all over the country is getting hit with lots of rain...what's with that? I think it's just a way to make us NOT get the lawns mowed..LOL! Have a superb weekend!

Kim said...

Beautiful flowers. I am glad God left some beauty in all the mess!

Miller Racing Family said...

Oh, honey I totally feel your pain. I think MO and AR is getting its fair share of Mother Nature these past couple of weeks.
I am so proud that you have also had a great attitude through it all. I bet those beautiful flowers of your at least help pick up the spirits.
I am hoping to get all of my blogging and inside work done soon and then it is outside to cleanup all of our messes and plant some flowers.
Have a great weekend.

Creekmore's said...

I just wanted to say hello. I found you over at Kasey's blog. I'm an AR girl too, but on the other side. And I totally understand about the sunshine! We feel waterlogged! The forcast looks good for the week, sunny and 70-80 I think. Yeah!

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

I'm with you. We are so waterlogged here in GA. I'm tired of all the rain that never seems to end. The grass is horrible, the weeds are high, and the ground is muddy...grrr But the one thing(just like you) that I've found beautiful has been the flowers. Mine are better looking than they have ever been. My roses have taken off for the first time since we've moved here. This has been the most rain that I can ever remember us having. We needed it to get out of the drought we've been in, but I'm ready for some dry days now. Anyhow, thanks for sharing your pics:) Maybe sunny days are just ahead.

Carrie said...

Your flowers are beautiful! We have been having alot of rain too so I completely understand about the grass.

Leah said...

Beautiful flowers. Sorry about the fence!

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Tanielle said...

I need to see for real where you live, that looks gorgeous!!!! Hope your Tuesday is wonderful!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Yay for sunshine! I'm so tired of the rain :)

lisalyn said...

Your flowers all look beautiful! I have NONE here yet. I hope your weather will stay nice for you now.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the camping parties too! I'm thinking of doing one this summer, just because. :)

Have a blessed day!