Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Love Story

It's time for Friend Makin Mondays! For more information, and to participate, click on over to Kasey's at All That is Good. In honor of Kasey's anniversary...Today's question is:

How did you and your significant other meet?

It was August, the beginning of my second year of teaching. (1996) I was sitting in a teacher meeting...a few new teachers were at a back table. I didn't pay much attention. I was laughing and having fun with some teacher friends before the meeting started. That's when Michael, a new teacher noticed me. My laugh caught his attention, and when I turned around he was 'hooked'.

Michael is the shy, quiet type. He watched me from afar. I heard through the grapevine that he liked me. I noticed he seemed to be in the break room a lot when I was. Finally, in December during Christmas break he called me up to ask me to dinner. Well, I had other 'plans'... I told him I don't date people I work with. The main thing that held me back was... he is short! My dad was 6'4", the guy I dated for 6 years was 6'2". I was drawn to tall men. That is what I knew. Yes, Michael was very nice, he was cute...but him being short was a hang-up of mine.

Life and school went on. For the first time in a couple of years, I was finally over a traumatic break up. I was finally satisfied being single. I wasn't looking for a relationship any more. I know the Lord was preparing both of us for each other.

September 13, 1997 rolls around. It is Pioneer Day at school. There was no where to park. I was driving around trying to find a place to park. Soon, Michael pulls up beside me in his green Mustang. He tells me, "you can park at my place." So we did. My best friend looked at me and said, "He is CUTE! Why don't you go out with him?" I told her he was short. She told me I could be missing out. God began to work on my heart. Did that really matter? But wait.... the girl I car pool with is head over hills for him, and talks about him every day on the way to and from school. It has been a year since he asked me out! That night we went to his booth. He gave me free food and a drink.

That night we were walking to the car to go home. When I began to leave I notice something on my windshield. It was a note. I started getting butterflies as I read the note. After all he was super nice and cute. The note said, "By the way Rhonda, the price of parking will be dinner and a movie with the owner. I may have neglected to mention that. Michael" (Yes, I dug up the old note out of many he has written!) I couldn't help but smile. I was once again encouraged to go out with him from my friend. The next day, I was running a fudge booth...he came over and we talked.

Another month passes and I find myself thinking about him. A lot! Looking forward to seeing him in the lounge. One day after school I am crossing the street to go to the lounge. (Actually, I was waiting until I saw him getting ready to go home). I start crossing just as he is driving by. I stop him and lean in the car. I say some witty comment I'm sure about the owner taking me out. He acted all cool about it, and we went our separate ways. A couple of days later I receive a call.

Well, the first date happens soon after. I wanted more. We begin dating. I realized what an amazing man I was with. The smartest man I know, a great sense of humor, so kind, and treated me like a queen. He really cared about me. I found after each date...I didn't want him to leave.

Christmas break comes around and Michael decides to spend it with his family an hour away. I was so disappointed! We had been dating for 3 months now. I was suppose to spend Christmas with him. Why is he not taking me to meet his family? Yes, I was in love! I talked to him over break, and he actually mentioned breaking up! What? You chased me for over a year and now you want to end it? I told him I know he is in love with me!

January we were inseparable from then on. In 1998 he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him that summer. The ring was burning a hole in his pocket, I was upset with work, and he couldn't keep a secret. (He is much better at surprises now!) He asked me to marry him in the Cracker Barrel parking lot.

One of our engagement photos

August 8, 1999 I married my best friend. It will be 10 years this year. I can honestly say I love him more today than the day we were married. I thank God for my husband! I am blessed! I am looking forward to the next 50+ years. I love you honey...short and all!


Ms. Ann said...

Hey Rhonda, that is a great and beautiful love story, and to think I found and read it the first thing. You sure have a wonderful blog. Aunt Ann

Vivienne said...

What a great story! I love how he couldn't wait and popped the question in a parking lot! (I also think the parking fee was brilliant!)

Happy anniversary and thanks for sharing your story. I've seen your profile picture in "comments" but haven't really gotten over here before. I just read through a few of your most recent posts. Nice.
I'll be back.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I love your story!! I too didn't want to date someone because they were short. How foolish, huh?

I tagged you over at my blog. I PROMISE I didn't forget about the prom tag from you it's I have to find the pictures and then scan them at my dad's house. I have a saved post just need the pictures.

Much love from NJ,

Jen said...

Whoa - you and I have a lot in common! I was not "attracted" to my husband, appearance-wise. He wasn't the tall, dark and handsome type I dreamed about either. But it was the Lord who helped me to see past the superficial and recognize how many ways Al was perfect for me. And the note on the car windshield. . . that rings a bell. Very clever of him!

Thanks for coming over to say hi!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Rhonda, What a cute love story! It's so fun to see how others came to be together!

I'm so happy that you loved your craft it forward. I'll look forward to seeing what you create!

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Trudy said...

That is such a sweet story Brenda. It's nice to meet you through FMM! I especially love the note, how creative and romantic!

Have a blessed day!

honeysuckle said...

That is a great love story! So happy you found each other and happiness together. You two look like you are still in love! Thanks for sharing with us.

jenjen said...

What a sweet story Rhonda. He does sound like a wonderful man! I'm so glad you found each other!!!

I hope things are going well for you Rhonda! My garden is coming along, things are sprouting!


"FINE"al thoughts... said...

I loved the note on your car about the parking fee he neglected to mention! How cute was that? Congrats on your marriage of 10 years! That is awesome!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Awww- love the part that he was so anxious to ask you to marry him that he did it right away!!

What a sweet story- thanks for sharing.

I have a new man in my life- Ian has finally arrived- please come & take a peek at him!


Kasey said...

What a great story! So why did he want to break up? I'm confused and want to know the whole juicy story?

I'm being nosy sorry.

shortmama said...

awwww such a cute story! It is funny how God knows exactly how to work on our hearts isnt it?

Pam said...

Hi Rhonda, That is a great love story! He was smooth! Love it.

Trudy said...

wow, so first trip to your blog and I call you by someone ELSE's name. Rest assured, you will be Rhonda forevermore, LOL!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a wonderful love story. I love the fact that he left you note and made you pay for the parking. The parking lot was a very fitting place as he made you pay for the parking in the begining. Love the story and I really like your wedding photos. What a beautiful bride you were. Thanks for sharing your story!

Sarah said...

I loved reading your story. So sweet! Glad you found your best friend.:)

Sarah said...
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