Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Needs Toys?

This is what my boys did yesterday afternoon. They had a blast! That is the smile that melts my ♥!!


jenjen said...

Hi Rhonda!

How fun! Your boys look like they were having a blast!


Karanda and kaylee said...

How cool,im glad you found out how to work the videos!kaylee and karanda

Lacey said...

That looks like fun! My sons favorite toys are my cell phone charger, and a night light(of course without the bulb in it). He carries them around and loves them. You are right, who needs toys!!

Miller Racing Family said...

How fun is that. Isn't it amazing what kids will find to play with around the house and then we spend all kinds of money on toys.
Love the music on the blog. I really like the Waiting on you Lord song!
Have a blessed day!

Kasey said...

I Love!!!your purse! I love the color and it is so cute! today i'm posting on my little girls b-day party, so tomorrow I'll post on my purse, I promise! thanks for picking me! Happy valentine's day!

Leah said...

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