Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's day I got up to make a special breakfast. I fixed heart shaped waffles, sausage, and OJ. Something quick since Cam had an Upward Basketball game that morning.

Cameron saw the table I set and ran to get a tie for the occasion. I thought that was so cute. Notice the inside out t-shirt he is wearing with the tie. He liked the writing on the plate and wanted more chocolate drizzled over his waffles.

Caden thought the edible hearts I wrote on were the coolest. I found these at Wal-Mart. He made sure everyone read their note out loud.

My sweetie got me the beautiful flowers. We also finally broke down and bought the boys a WII! Cameron had been asking for two years! He recently began praying for one too! The boys were so EXCITED!

The boys went to their cousin's house in the afternoon while we went to a friend's wedding. After the reception we headed out for dinner alone. We ate at Copeland's and it was a wonderful treat. My DH and I had a lot of good conversation and had a great time together! It was a great day! I hope you enjoyed the day with people you LOVE!


heidi said...

That all sounds wonderful! I'm lovin' the tie over th einside out tee! LOL

Wendy said...

i just love the tie!! what a cutie :)

Miller Racing Family said...

How sweet is that, you could win mom of the year award. I love the tie that just made me laugh. That was a very cute idea to write on the heart.

jenjen said...

Hi Rhonda -

Your Valentines breakfast looks like it was wonderful! I love those edible hears - what a great idea!

We love our wii - it is so fun! You will love it!


Where My Treasure Is said...

That is so adorable that your son put on a tie! haha. love it.
I haven't had a real breakfast like that in quite awhile--it looked so delicious! Great job!


Shawn said...

You're a great Mom!

Things like that is what our children will remember along with the things we wish they wouldn't. Like throwing the receipt back through the drive-threw window when McDonalds gets your order wrong. Not that I have ever done that...;)

E said...

I LOVE that he put a tie on!!!! That's so awesome...I may needs to have my boys check that out for a little hint hint!! Thanks for stopping by!!!