Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008 ........At Home

This is the day to think and pray and thank God for baby Jesus. Today after opening gifts we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. The boys were excited to play with their new zero gravity cars that run up the walls. They also loved the Foosball table. They went from one thing to the next most of the day.

God's blessing to us from our friend's Scott and Tammy. I shared more about it here.
We love you guys!

This year we decided to stay home and have just a family day to ourselves. Normally after opening gifts in the morning we would head off to Grandma Wiley's for dinner. Christmas was always tiring in the past due to the 4 hours on the road. This year I really enjoyed it! I know everyone did. It was so relaxing after all the preparation for having Christmas at my house this year on Christmas Eve. We even stayed in our Christmas PJ's All DAY! Caden thought that was too cool!

Michael and I fixed breakfast together and watched "Facing the Giants". This was great to remind us how great God is. I am blessed! God is so good!

Michael and I decided to not buy Christmas gifts this year for each other...we just couldn't afford it after all the medical bills coming in. However, we did do stocking stuffers for each other. I thought I would feel disappointed. I can really get into the 'I want that'...'I want this' during this time of the year. Not at all. This Christmas was one of our best. Just good, relaxing family time. I love my family! XOXOXO

I hope you had a very blessed Christmas!

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